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Give hope - you can help

poor but happy child With your gift you give hope and a perspective for children and families to get out of their poverty.

You can support our ministry continuously or one time with a donation. Your gift will arrive at the people in need. It's also possible to take over a sponsorship for a specific child. The monthly donation shall be at a minimum of 20 Euro.

As registered and international working association we provide the frame work. Our work is supported by responsible staff members on spot and in Germany, so that we can be held accountable for money matters at any time and make out donation certificates.

Our bank account (new!)

Recipient: Äthiopienhilfe e.V.
Bank: Ostsaechsische Sparkasse Dresden
Bank code: 850 503 00
Account-number. 3120 146 373
IBAN : DE68 8505 0300 3120 1463 73
Please fill out for intended purpose: "Help for children in need"